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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


The Houston Writers Guild is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to bring new authors' voices to readers and enhance literacy in our community. Please consider helping us fund the next anthologies to be published by the HWG Press.

As many of you know I've had the distinct pleasure of holding the post of HWG Press Director for a few months now.
With the help and guidance of my fearless mentors and numerous cohorts and tireless hours from passionate volunteers, we are are the verge of something great: the first anthology published by the internal press of the Houston Writers Guild.
But we need a little bit of your help.

One book isn't enough. We have a grand plan on publishing biannual anthologies of works handpicked from communities of writers. Writers whose words need to be heard...need to be read.
And we can't do it without YOU.
We need like minded people who believe in our creative vision or who have a few dollars burning a hole in their pocket and want to contribute to promoting literacy and to the splendid published works of up and coming authors.  

Please visit our Kickstarter campaign at the link below:

Your donations to this campaign are tax deductible. Please take a moment too to share with others who may want to help build up this great nonprofit organization.
If you are unable to contribute I ask you share this post, this link with at least one person you know who loves reading.
Or who knows the endless possibilities that come with opening a book.

Your support is greatly appreciated!